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YVR Stock: Why Hot NFT Penny Stock Liquid Media

YVR Stock, Two companies have announced a collaboration which will see them launch the Red Carpet NFT business through the NFTainment.io platform. They will offer customers NFTs based on Red Carpet experiences.

Liquid Media will be responsible for launching this Red Carpet NFT platform this summer. CurrencyWorks will power the platform, and it’s important to note that pre-releases begin in May.

Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media, said this about Liquid Media’s CEO Ron Thomson. NFT plans to send YVR stocks up today.

“We’re eager to show the versatility and creativity that NFTs offer to people who love entertainment and IP owners. When people have the opportunity to own footage they’ve never seen before, or the chance to record the moment of a lifetime with a star or even walk on the Red Carpet at a future movie’s premier The world will soon recognize the value NFTs bring to the table.”

Liquid Media initially announced its partnership with CurrencyWorks towards the beginning of March. In the begin, it was reported that they were collaborate to build the NFT platform. However, the details of their plans remained undiscovered.

YVR stocks were trading up 3.3 percent, as well CWRK shares were trading up by 2 percent on the morning of Tuesday. The shares have also risen 72.9 percent and 117.4 percent since the beginning of the year, respectively.

Of course, they aren’t the only businesses who are looking to take profits from the NFT boom.


A lot of other players are developing their own plans also.

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