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Best Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas For Your Garden

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and magic that outdoor lighting can create, especially in your garden. It isn’t about having a whole barrage of lights, which would likely to dazzle your guests rather than captivate them. Too much light can cause your surrounding views to get lost. Not enough light and everything disappears in the dark.

When done right, outdoor lighting is charming and mysterious. That’s where AGM Electrical Supply comes in. We can bring the wow factor to your outdoor lighting design and enhance your night-time landscape. Find out all you need to know about wall lighting trends so that you can entertain from dusk until dawn.

Garden wall lighting

There are just so many different options and lights available to you. So, you’re best to enlist a good outdoor lighting specialist. AGM Electrical Supply’ team of professionals knows the right techniques to help accentuate your textured brick wall or front door.

We know that light is more about the shadows and shade than it is about illumination. We will point you in the right direction of matching the best lights to your landscape. Read on for lots of wall lighting tips and tricks.

Front door lighting

Place lights either side of your door and enhance your curb appeal. Our LED wall light is perfect for this scenario and delivers energy-efficient lighting, while creating a gentle glow across your front garden. For overhead lighting, you might consider our down wall light above the porch area.

Front porch lighting

What about a stylish lighting design for your porch area? The circular wall light would look perfect near your front door. Not only will it provide illumination for you and your family’s safety, but it will enhance your front entrance. Our lights are wet and damp rate fixtures and suit all different types of weather conditions.

Window lighting

Add wall lights between your windows and highlight your windows’ symmetry and intrigue. Do you have an architectural design you want to showcase? Why not do that by fixing a light to the wall? Think about ways you can add contrast. The circular wall light is ideal for illuminating rectangular windows.

 High lighting

Do you want to highlight specific architectural features or alluring aspects of your landscape? Spotlights are perfect for this. By choosing the LED cube wall lights to affix to the corners of areas you would like to highlight, you will not be throwing too much light in just one spot which will naturally invite too much darkness in surrounding areas.

Is your garden long and rectangular? Break up the long stretch with spotlights pointing upwards to accentuate the texture on trees, plants and decorative features. If you want to highlight garden beds, point the LED cube wall light downwards.

Spotlights are also great for potentially dangerous areas like the poolside. Just don’t forget that you might encourage darkness in surrounding areas. You can overcome this by installing Piccolo downlights in the corners.

Mysterious garden lighting

By installing outdoor wall LED lights around the perimeter of your back garden you can create your very own mysterious garden that delivers a warm, soft vibe. Downlights will put a stop to those nasty glares but illuminate areas like paths and stairs that require lighting for safety.

Blend lighting

Do you have an outdoor entertaining area? By attaching lights to nearby walls, you can create an ambient vibe. The LED up and down light is perfect if you want to produce an ambient atmosphere combined with a slight wash across the ground. It will also allow you to see your guests so that you know who you are talking to.

Sculpture lighting

If you have a sculpture or large ornament, fix a wall light to an exterior wall so that it accentuates the sculpture or ornament, whilst creating a lasting impact and tranquil lighting. The LED pivot light does an excellent job.

Safety lighting

If you have a walkway and entry, wall lights give out a stunning glow while factoring in the most important safety aspect. Our LED up and down light delivers light down the wall to give it the wash effect. Creating not only a charming decorative effect, this light is perfect when it comes to safety.

Outdoor entertaining lights

Do you have an outdoor entertaining area? Think about adding ambient lights to this space by installing lights on outdoor walls. If you want a relaxing atmosphere, consider a soft light that washes across the ground while throwing out enough light so that you can talk to and see your guests.

Patio lighting

Outdoor wall lighting is as important as comfortable modern seating is to you. Trendy patio lights will create a lasting impression and change the way you use your outdoor entertaining area. The patio will, in no time, become your favorite lounging space. You might even find yourself fighting off the rest of the family for it!

What should you look for in an outdoor lighting company?

You want to install your outdoor wall lighting just once. When looking for a reputable outdoor lighting company there are factors you should keep in mind. For instance, the company should give you a warranty on all products. This ensures you have trust in the quality of the work and protects your investment should anything go wrong.

AGM Electrical Supply will give you at least three years for electric work, and ten years for light casing on all products. Our designers are outstanding and come highly skilled and artistic. They will provide you with your desired effects and outstanding aesthetics. We want to transform your gardens into your dream outdoor living space.

Contact AGM Electrical Supply today for instant warmth, comfort and curb appeal.

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